Julie & the Wheel

I create ceramics for the home - the rituals and the everyday moments.  

Putting my hands in clay is where I find my creative self, and I find joy in sending those pieces to people's homes.

Custom Pieces.

Ceramics are created to have a life and be part of life. We've all experienced fantastic meals in restaurants where the tableweare was selected thoughtfully to match the chef's mood or vision. I love to do the same at home - and it makes me happy to do this for others' homes. I can create unique pieces for your everyday routines and your special moments. Let's discuss !

A Ceramic Journey.

Want to learn more about my Ceramic Journey and the foundational pieces of Julie & the Wheel ?  Visit the About page.   Want to know about the process of making ceramics and to take a peek at what Studio life looks like ?  Visit Behind the Wheel.