In 2019, I put my hands on clay and fell in love. 

Since then, clay has been my happy place. It's where I put my energy when my head is spinning.

I now have my little home studio - a room of my own - where I explore clays, glazes, colors and techniques*.  

I am also a member at Still Life Studio in Santa Monica, Los Angeles (and a Bklyn Clay alumni in Brooklyn, New York), where I fire my pieces and meet with a community of talented artists.

*Curious to take a look at what happens in the studio ? Visit Behind the Wheel 

A bit more about the pieces that have been foundational to my ceramic journey. 

Pieces I have loved building and creating and that represent Julie and the Wheel's identity. 


The first time I felt proud to display my ceramics in our home was when I picked up this one. It launched the "Blue" collection, featuring cobalt on white glaze. This tiny piece is a talisman from that early journey.


I fell in love with a Bklyn Clay glaze that created this sandy, rocky feeling in the hand - and used it to create these textured vessesl for new homes. I add  palo santo or smudging sage to burn in ritual and make a new place feel like Home,  


When I was learning to throw, I accidentally created these tiny, funky vases that come together in playful yet thoughtful configurations, line them up, stack them up on a table, add colorful dry flowers. I called them the Haikus because they are compact but full of poetry.


When we moved from NY to LA I immediately fell in love with the light. How the bright sun combines its light with pinks, blues, and creates a unique "LA" vibe everyday. As I was exploring vases I started to use this combination of yellow underglaze and pink glaze. From there, a series is born.


After multiple requests from my family and some inspiring experiences at restaurants,  I decided to develop my own set of plates. I embraced a raw texture for the outside, paired with light colors inside that let the speckles of the clay shine and enhance the food at the center. These plates reflect my love for rituals made even more special by ceramics.  

THE B40.

Testing multiple combination of dark underglazes and a cosmic tea dust glaze I came up with this deep, dark color that shines when when combined with the most natural, recycled clay. Full circle - recycled clay transformed into a cosmic combo. It began its life as an incense holder created to celebrate friendship and has become the foundation of a full tableware set for my Brooklyn fam. 


Drawing on my pieces has always been daunting... until I took a workshop with Sasha Wachtel. I discovered a fascinating way to draw on pieces that adds depth by "tattooing" lines. No shine added, only fragile lines carrying powerful emotions across the clay. I'm just beginning my exploration - but you'll always see  my signature yellow dot added to them, token of light and optimism.