Custom Pieces

Unique ceramics for your everyday rituals and your home.

Having moved quite a bit across cities, regions, countries and homes, creating a "home" feeling has always been essential to me. While one's location on a map  will vary, the objects that matter to us make the journey when we do. They help us feel immediately at home when we bring them into a new space. 

I love to remember how, and where, we chose the objects that bring us home.  And being able to  make my own unique pieces that can play this role is an endless source of awe. I believe that handmade ceramics capture a moment in time,  an envy, a mood, an emotion contained in a color and a line, or even the weather of the place where they dried for days before being fired.  

Once in their new home, they will be the witness of a daily family meal, special moments with friends, they will hold fresh flowers, warm bread or a lovingly prepared sauce.  When working on your special pieces I want to discuss the moments you envision for them and with them, the recipes that will be enjoyed in them, what you want to think and feel when you see them.

How long will this take ?

Ceramics are created in a lengthy process (learn more here) and that's what makes them so special.  In choosing and working the clay, throwing the pieces on a wheel or shaping them on a mold, trimming them, drying them, firing them, applying glazes and underglazes and firing them again, anything can go wrong ! But the magic happens when they make it through all of this with their own unique personality.  I will give you an idea of the timeline when we discuss your brief, but be ready to wait a few weeks...  

How much will this cost ?

Final prices will be confirmed once aligned on the type of clay, glaze and customization but here are some examples of prices:

Some custom pieces and their unique stories :


Emma, was the first one to reach out and say, "hey, I like what you are making - would you create some pieces for me ?" Best way to start 2022 and very grateful for her. Emma was moving to her new California nest and wanted to hide some ugly cords while also introducing some ceramic pieces to her space. I designed this vase with an open moon in the back to hide the cords - functional and beautiful. It is made with white blue porcelain, hand-built and glazed to hold water and flowers. I also created vases, candles and welcoming bowls to host keys and tiny treasures filling her family pockets.


Christelle and Ed were looking for a salad bowl. One with the right size and shape, but also an object with a meaning. Christelle sent me some pictures for shape references and we discussed the clay, the feel, the colors. We chose a natural clay for the outside with a shiny cosmic inside as a reminder of a great weekend spent together in the Yucca Valley. I love receiving her gorgeous salad pictures live from joyful meals in Brooklyn ! 

Coming next, some matching plates.


Delphine was looking for the perfect coffee mugs - the kind that perfectly fit the palm of your hands to warm you mornings and afternoons. The kind that holds a lungo Nespresso. She liked the LA sunny series and wanted a smooth outside finish.  I created four mugs using white stoneware and passionfruit clay, with yellow underglaze for a bright and warming sun, pink glaze for the LA sky and transparent glaze for a smooth finish and that distinctly West Coast shine. 


I love to grow and develop skills thanks to the challenges I receive. Victoire has been this kind of person to me :-). From toothbrush holders for her new bathrooms to this plate, I had to start from scratch to get something that we both love. We exchange pictures and projects' designs together, discuss them, adjust them, and that leads to one of a kind pieces soon in her Parisian home.


I created this new extension of the sunny LA series to warm the morning of this colorful and joyful family table. Pauline has a sunny personality - a perfect match for this set. She also loves to host her Brooklyn extended family for the best aperos and dinners in town... turning on the perfect playlist to spark fun, laugh and dancing. This set had to use the B40 colors, a celebration of friendship. 


The journey is as important as the destination in ceramics. Another challenge came with this simple ask from Caroline - a trivet.  I had to develop new designs, work with clay I did not know, and go through cracks - a lot of cracks - and broken pieces to get to a trivet that hopefully will be soon on her dining table. This process started months ago, and explorations do not all have to go to reclaim, Caroline and Julien have previous exploration versions in their living room now. The clay I used for this is a dark red clay that turns black when fired, I play with contrasts, carve lines in the clay and uses  touches of cosmic dust glaze to make it shine.


Sophie wanted something to celebrate all kind of morning moods - what a great brief. This became a new drawing exploration for me, searching for morning-like silhouettes and combining them with my yellow dot, opening all moods to match these lines. 


A funky set of colorful mugs named Sunny, Sleepy, In Love and Ready. Pick the mood of the day and make sure to enjoy a moment of comfort before hitting play. 


A colorful set of Mugs, a color exploration to get to this deeper version of a rainbow and some play with volumes and texture to see and feel the power of rainbow when drinking a warm coffee.